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Lublin is well-known for its picturesque location on hills, rich multicultural history, beautiful historic architecture as well as vibrant cultural and student life. The city was granted the municipal status 700 years ago and for ages it has been a multicultural melting pot where people from different cultures and nationalities mixed, worked and lived together. Lublin`s history is reflected in its architecture, especially the stunning Old Town and the city`s landmark, the Holy Trinity Chapel, making the City a perfect touristic destination.

Nowadays Lublin is a hospitable modern city of a relatively small scale as well as an administrative and academic centre with rich cultural offer. Thus, it has rightfully been named and promoted as a City of Inspiration and it is definitely worth visiting.

Below you may find information concerning the city`s tourist and cultural attractions.



There are plenty of ways to discover Lublin. You may take advantage of the trails described on the official website of Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre, including the famous Lublin Renaissance Route. Another interesting option is a trolleybus tourist line - a vintage trolleybus named Ziutek will help you explore Lublin and see its landmarks. If this is still not enough, you may always rent a bike with an audio guide or take part in the Whispered Lublin project. Whichever way you choose, there are some places in Lublin which you must visit.


List of Lublin must see attractions:



Whether yu are a jazz lover or a science fiction and fantasy fan, Lublin is a place for you! The city boasts lots of active cultural institutions, such as Centre for Culture in Lublin, as well as an events calendar which will keep you busy all year. In order to facilitate making the most of  Lublin cultural offer, the Municipality of Lublin City publishes an online event calendar. Moreover, there are many lists of internationally and nationally renowned annual events and the websites of  numerous Lublin cultural institutions which may be of help. And if you prefer to use paper-based resources, you can pick up  free Lublin’s cultural guide “ZOOM” at various cultural centres, pubs and universities.


List of  selected recurring events in Lublin:








You can find  information on other theatres in Lublin on the official website of Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre.

Museums and Art Galleries

You can find  information on other museums in Lublin on the official website of Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre.


You can find  information on other institutions in Lublin on the official website of Municipality of Lublin City.


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