Accidents and emergencies

Information on handling emergency situations.

Emergency contact information

Emergency telephone numbers:

112 - European Emergency Telephone Number

For more  contact information in emergency situations  visit Important Contact Information section.


Medical emergency situations

In case of an emergency such as an accident, a life-threatening condition, injury, childbirth, sudden disease or health deterioration, you should call an ambulance or go to a local hospital. In such an event the necessary medical rescue services will be provided without a referral (e.g. a document directing a patient to a medical specialist by a GP).Remeber that in hospital you must present valid EHIC Card or other proof of health insurance. Otherwise, the cost of treatment must be covered from your own funds. For details regarding medical care in Poland please follow this link.


Reporting a crime and other emergency situations

Lublin police officers prepared information for foreigners on how to contact the police and how to offically notify the police about an offence.

The first website desribes ways of contacting the police in emergency and non emergency situations, explains how to correctly use the European Emergency Telephone Number 112 and provides the foreigner with Lublin police stations contact information. On the other hand, the instructions concerning notifying an offence include explanations regarding such issues as elements of correct oral and written notifications, the presence of an interpreter, responsibilities and rights of a victim and a witness, registration of stolen property and handling the evidence.

The above mentioned instructions may be useful in case you need to contact the police.



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