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Whether you choose to stay at LUT Halls of Residence, other dormitories in Lublin or in privately rented accomodation, you will probably have access to a kitchen. Therefore, you will be able to cook for yourself. However, if you prefer to eat out, Lublin offers a wide variety of options:

  •  Lanczomania - a self-service reastaurant located in the very centre of the campus (canteen building, 1st floor). The restaurant operates a pay by weight system and is reasonably priced (2,80 PLN per 100 gr). It offers a variety of dishes, including two soups and two vegetarian and three nonvegetarian dishes per day. Lanczomania is open 7 days a week.
  • Cafeterias - there are a few cafeterias located on the campus, e.g. at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering or at the Faculty of Management. They are quite reasonably priced and offer quick service enabling you to meet other students and staff.
  • Bars, restaurants and takeaways close to the campus - there are many inexpensive places to eat within walking distance of the univeristy campus. They offer Polish cuisine, Chinese food, pizza or kebab, to mention only the most popular options.
  •  Restaurants, cafes and bars in the city centre - in the city centre it is easy to find a good place to  eat  offering Polish, Italian, American, Turkish, Indian, Japanese, Chinese or Thai cuisine.  The prices vary depending on the location and menu. However, a typical good quality lunch costs around 20-30 PLN per person. Some websites enable you to find restaurants in your neighbourhood.


The climate in Poland is moderate. Typically there are four seasons. Summers are warm or even hot, with the average temperatures between 16 and 20 Celsius degrees. However, the temperatures in July and August often exceed 30 Celsius degrees. Winters are cold with average temperatures ranging from -6 to 0 Celsius degrees and sometimes a heavy snowfall. The annual rainfall in Poland is 500-700 mm.

Nevertheless, the weather in Poland is highly unpredictable and changeable. One may expect rainy summers as well as winters with temperatures hardly ever falling below zero and almost no snow. It is also possible to see snow in October or experience a heatwave in April.

You may find current weather forecast here.


Due to the changeable weather conditions it is recommended to bring warm clothing as well as lightweights. Rainwear may be needed throughout the year.

There is no strict dress code for students at Lublin University of Technology. However, there are some basic rules which should be obeyed. It is not appropriate to wear  coats, winter jackets and other outdoor wear during the classes - they should be left in the cloakroom. It is also recommended to wear smart clothes when sitting examinations - an elegant suit for men and a smart skirt, dress or trousers for women would be appropriate.


Basic information:

  • Voltage - 230 V
  • Frequency - 50 Hz
  • Plug - type E/C

Type E plug has two round pins and a hole. Type C plug has two round pins. For details please follow the link.

It is also recommended to check in advance whether you may need a a plug adapter or a power converter in order to be able to use your appliances in Poland.



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