Evaluation questionnaire - studies

1. Did the whole exchange period fulfil your expectations?*
If “rather no” or “no” why not? Justify your answer briefly.

2. How do you evaluate your study period at LUT?
a) Classes at the faculties*
b) Cooperation with the Faculty Coordinator*
c) Cooperation with International Exchange Office*
d) Accommodation in LUT’s dormitories (if applicable)*
e) Service of Dean’s Office*

3. How do you evaluate your professional development?
a) Knowledge that was transferred to you*
b) Professional skills that you developed*
c) Intercultural skills that you developed*
d) Organizational skills that you developed*
e) Team work skills that you developed*

4. How do you evaluate the service of particular LUT’s units? (if applicable)
a) Library *
b) Department of Foreign Languages *
c) Department of Physical Education*
d) Canteen/ Faculty bars*

5. How do you evaluate the following procedures (length, complexity, competence of staff)?
a) Confirmation of arrival *
b) Access to Internet/ EduRoam*
c) Registration in the dormitory*
d) Issue of Student’s ID*
e) Registration at the faculty*
6. What were the most positive aspects of your exchange programme at LUT? Explain briefly.
7. What were the weakest aspects of your exchange programme at LUT? Explain briefly.
8. What are your comments, suggestions on studying at LUT? Explain briefly.

Dear Student, Thank you for your feedback. We highly appreciate all your answers and evaluation of your stay. Remember that your name and email address won’t be known to the staff of LUT. International Exchange Office

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